Arm Candy You Ask?

14 Jul

Arm Candy:  “A remarkably attractive person of either gender accompanying you or some other lucky person. See also trophy.” (urban
I’m completely aware that arm candy is not typically used to describe babies, however, it pretty much goes without saying that babies are the most gorgeous things to ever decorate most people’s arms. I have to say, my two sweeties make every outfit hotter (minus the spit up), every moment more valuable and add endless value to my life. With that, I bring you Arm Candy Confessions.

Join me as I confess my faves and raves surrounding babies, motherhood, shopping and everything in between.

A few of my favorite Celebrity moms and their little loves.


One Response to “Arm Candy You Ask?”

  1. Erin July 15, 2010 at 6:23 pm #

    Love it…read everything…especially loved the pump and dump stuff, although a little too late…will forward to all of my mommy friends!

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