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Costco, Carter’s and Canvas

31 Aug

If you only remember three words today, let them be: Costco, Carter’s and Canvas.  I am a big fan of Costco.  The people who I randomly meet at Costco, now that is a completely different story.  However, as far as product is concerned, Costco can do no wrong.

Going to Costco, is always like a treasure hunt and two of my recent treasures are the Carter’s fleece footed pajamas and the photo canvas from the photo center.  Both of these items are adorable and absolute steals.  I picked up a few pairs of the pajamas for my little Arm Candies and they are so cozy and all set for fall.  My son usually hates footed pajamas, but is so excited to have puppy dogs as feet, that I can barely get him to take them off.  All for a whopping $7.97 each.

I recently had one of my daughter’s professional pictures made into a canvas at Costco.  It was a fraction of the cost the photographer charged and turned out gorgeous!!  The quality is incredible and the price is definitely right.

1. Carter's Footed Pajamas

2. Costco Canvas Prints


Hook, Line and Biter

30 Aug

Confession: Twi as I may, I just can’t seem to break my vampire phase.  Maybe it is the fact that I live somewhat close to Forks, Washington and the Cullen family really could be the family next door.  Maybe it is because I see gray skies more often than blue.  Which of course, as a result, puts my skin color in the Nicole Kidman category, which is arguably close to that of a vampire.

For whatever reason, I seem to have an affinity for vampires. I am not sure what about me screams “vampire,” but I keep getting introduced to them.  First, there was Edward.   One of my nearest and dearest mommy friends brought over Twilight for me to read during last year’s summer vacation.  Mid-flight, I finished the book with over two hours of flight time to go.  She forgot to mention, that you should always travel with at least two of the books in your bag in the event you finish the first one.  Waiting to find out if Bella and Edward get back together while flying somewhere over middle America is pure torture.  Needless to say, I fell hook, line and biter.

Image Credit: Art Streiber/ The CW

Then there were the Salvatore brothers.  Last summer, after discovering my interest (to put it mildly) in the Twilight books, my cousin informed me of a show that would be premiering in the fall by the name of The Vampire Diaries.  I had my reservations, being a loyal Twilight fan and all.  Regardless of my allegiance to the Cullen crew, I have a stronger alliance with my cousin.  You know how the saying goes, “blood is thicker than water.”  Not to mention, my cousin has not led me wrong as far as entertainment is concerned, so I picked up the book.  What a  mistake.  The book was awful and made me seriously consider how the TV show could even contend with Bella and the gang.  I was totally skeptical leading up to the season premiere.  But of course I had to watch.  To my surprise, it was good.  I mean really good.  The Vampire Diaries ended up being one of my favorite shows of the season.

My daughter also made her premiere last fall.  She was born in late October, so I was totally on a vampire sleep schedule and fully addicted to the show by the time she arrived.  I would DVR the show and watch it at random hours when she woke.  Believe it or not, I actually looked forward to my late night viewings of the tall, pale and handsomes.

*Disclaimer-I would not recommend watching it alone,  in a dark room. (Unless you like  being scared.  Me, not so much.)

It goes without saying, I am dreading the gray and gloom that is lurking right around the corner, ready to swallow up summer. However, I can’t ignore the twinge of excitement every time I think of  the new season of Vampire Diaries, also, right around the corner. The premiere is next week, so you have ample time to get caught up on the first season.  It’s completely addicting.  You have been warned.

“Hell of a ride”

28 Aug

Three years ago today my father celebrated his 63rd birthday in Seattle.  Unfortunately, he was not in Seattle for a fun-filled weekend with his daughter and favorite son-in-law.   My father made the trip to Seattle, on his birthday, to undergo treatment for prostate cancer.  Because of a late diagnosis by his primary care doctor, the surgery outcomes were poor and he required two years of additional treatment.  Today my father is in remission.  He is celebrating his birthday doing one of the things he loves most in this world;  riding his Harley. To quote my father’s Emmy worthy wedding speech, “may you have one hell of a ride.” Happy birthday Pop!

I share this for two reasons.  First, I love my dad and am eternally grateful to have such an amazing, loving, fun father. Second, family history is the greatest predictor for prostate cancer and I have a son and a brother.  I never want either to spend a birthday in the hospital, especially for cancer treatment.  Without further ado; the Prostate Cancer Foundation is my Arm Candy Cause of the week.

Free Allergy Labels

27 Aug

Image credit: Kori Clark Designs

I stumbled across this fantastic post yesterday and I had to share.  Kori at Paper & Pigtails has created the most adorable and potentially life saving allergy labels.  Better yet, she has posted them to download for free!  With school just around the corner, these could definitely come in handy!

Image credit: Kori Clark Designs

Image credit: Kori Clark designs

Click here for free download and instructions.

Growing Up Global

26 Aug

As parents there is no question that we have little free time.  Between meals, baths, school and the laundry list of daily parenting activities, there is little time to sit down and read the newspaper, let a lone a book for our personal enjoyment.  However, there are some books that we have to make time to read.  Growing Up Global: Rasing Children to Be At Home in the World is one of those books.  I was recently sent a copy to review and cannot praise this book enough.  Author, Homa Sabet Tavangar shares budget friendly activities, easy explanations and invaluable tools to help our children understand diversity and develop a global mindset.

Tavangar is married and mother to three girls.  She was born in Tehran, raised in Cleveland, and currently resides in Philadelphia.   She has lived in a handful of places, including a three-month stay with her children in West Africa.  Many of the lessons in Growing Up Global are validated by she and her children’s experiences both home and abroad, in addition to her 20 years experience working with governments, businesses, international organizations and non-profit agencies.  Tavangar recognizes many families are unable to travel abroad with the given economy and she provides example after example of budget friendly learning exercises that can be practiced at home.

Below are some of my favorite Tavangar tips for raising globally aware children:

1. Keep the world at your fingertips. Purchase an up-to-date globe and keep it handy for easy reference and/or cover a wall near the kitchen table or other central location with an oversized, laminated world map.

2. Surf the internet. A good start for global kids’ resources is National Geographic’s My Wonderful World page ( and the American Library Association’s “Great Website for Kids” page. (, which can serve as a portal to other safe, updated, and high-quality sites.

3. Find beautiful books. Vibrant coffee-table and kids’ picture books can bring diverse circumstances, people, and emotions to life, for all ages.

4. Enrich your playlists and music collection. As kids’ become accustomed to musical diversity, they adjust to the various sounds, making the genres feel less “foreign” and creating a bridge with new friends from all over the planet.

5. Get passports. Even if you have no budget for international travel, possessing your own passports will put your family in the mind-set of the possible, as a very physical reminder of your world citizenship.

6. Politics vs. People- Make a distinction.  It’s hard to be a friend to the human race if we let the politics of governments or a vocal minority color our view of the people of that country or religion.

7. Use the “universal language” of soccer to grow up global. Pick a few  international teams to follow based on your heritage, your friend’s, your favorite type of food, the language you want to learn to speak, your favorite jersey, or hundreds of other reasons — get creative! Learn about your teams and players on the FIFA Web site, which includes an interactive world map to help you learn. Organizations like the U.S. Soccer Foundation, BallforAll, Velletri Soccer Group, Grassroot Soccer, UNICEF, in partnership with FIFA at, and many more can connect your family with global soccer programs that positively impact struggling local communities.

8. Expose your child to foreign languages. Learn to greet in many foreign languages. Make an effort to learn a few words in a foreign language with your kids, even if it’s learning how to say “toilet” in five languages. This could be one of the best investments of your time; it’s a great ice-breaker and your kids will probably do a great job of it.

9. Make Birthday Parties Global. When you’re ready to move beyond Princess, Power Ranger or Pony party themes, consider choices derived from global celebrations:  Bastille Day, Cinco de Mayo, Earth Day, Chinese New Year, the World Cup, Olympics….

10. Spice-Up Thanksgiving and your take-out choices. Look to your cultural heritage (or a guest’s) or a favorite ethnic food style.  Start slowly by using a new spice or herb, or add a new side dish.  When deciding on take-out or choosing a restaurant for a family dinner, try cuisine from a culture that is less familiar to you.

These tips are just a small sample of the hundreds of fabulous ideas Tavangar has for raising a global citizen.  Growing Up Global is a guide for all to enjoy and benefit from.  While the title states “raising children to be at home in the world,” Tavangar offers tools to help people of all ages, religions and races be at home in the world.  Growing up Global is truly an amazing gift to share with loved ones and an Arm Candy Confessions must read.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Growing up Global: Raising Children to Be At Home in The World, click here.

Tavangar  is a regular contributor to the Growing Up Global Facebook page here.

Adorable Ellie The Elephant Giveaway

25 Aug

Meet Ellie.   Ellie is a baby elephant made from off-white organic cotton/hemp, turquoise eco felt and anti-bacterial Nature Fil stuffing.  She loves to cuddle and is looking for a home.

Elaine over at Elaine’s Stuffies is generously donating adorable Ellie to one lucky Arm Candy Confessions reader.  In addition, Elaine is offering 15% off all purchases at Elaine’s Stuffies for Arm Candy Confessions readers.  Be sure and let her know I sent you and please drop in and show her some love!

Want to give a home to Ellie?

To win Ellie you must:

For extra, optional entries you can do any or all of the following.  Leave a separate comment for each action you took.

  • Become a fan on Facebook of Arm Candy Confessions. (one additional entry)
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Contest and promotion ends on Friday, September 3rd at midnight PDT.  Winner will be selected by  US Residents only.

The Winners are…….

25 Aug

Apparently Erin is a lucky name, because Erin B-M and Erin M. are the two lucky winners in the Get A Spot Giveaway!!  Congrats to the lucky ladies! I will be sending out your prizes later this week!  Thank you all for playing and a huge thanks to our friends at Get A Spot for their generation donation for the giveaway!!  Stay tuned for another fabulous giveaway that will be announced later this morning!!

Drawing conducted by Random.Org. Results may be verified by clicking here.

Great Expectations- Full Bloom

24 Aug

First there was Heidi.  Then there was Giselle.   Now Miranda is the latest Angel to join the ranks of the Victoria’s Secret yummy mummy club. The Australian born beauty finally confirmed the pregnancy rumors.  There is something extra sweet about an expectant Victoria’s Secret model, especially when she is married to the adorable Orlando.

Flipping Out

23 Aug

I love capturing time, especially when it comes to my children.  Whether it be with pictures or with videos, I would snap every moment if I could.  I typically carry a small arsenal of items in my diaper bag, so the thought of toting around a camcorder in addition to the usual goods is not very appealing.

At least, it WAS not very appealing.  A fabulous mommy friend of mine reminded me of the “Flip” and all of a sudden the thought became much more appealing.  In my husband’s defense, he has a camcorder and has been good about documenting holidays, vacations and major milestones.  However, I always seem to get stuck with the camcorder in my bag.  Between packing around my arm candies, and my usual bag of goodies, I might as well be a pack mule. Not to mention, I never seem to see the videos once they have been recorded. The camcorder discs are placed neatly on a shelf, never to be seen again.

Enter The Flip.  This palm size wonder is perfect for a busy mom who does not have the space or the desire to tote around a massive camcorder, but still wants to capture and share the most precious moments.  The Flip can fit easily into a purse or pocket for that matter.  It has a built-in flash-drive that makes downloading and sharing a breeze.  Not to mention, the price tag is unbelievable!! As of this morning, the Flip Ultra 2nd  Generation was priced at $114.99!  Who wouldn’t flip out?

A few of the zillion options available:

Image credit: Flip Facebook

Order of Events

22 Aug

Rain on an August morning might be a dreary start to the day.  Yet, the day holds promise.  Order of events: eating, praying and loving.  And then watching the movie with girlfriends of course! Happy Sunday!