Big Girls Don’t Cry?

5 Aug

Confession:  I cry easily.  Big Girls Don’t Cry could be the soundtrack to my life.  

It could be something as simple as a hallmark card that sets the waterworks in motion.  Let’s not even get started on the animals that have been killed or injured by the BP blunder.  Tears can flow for no particular reason on any given day.  My tears don’t discriminate.  I cry happy tears more often than I cry tears of sadness, but I cry nonetheless.  I have fully embraced my sensitive side.  However, my make up has not.  Try to imagine me 7 months pregnant watching Grey’s Anatomy. Week after week, I looked a little something like this (but pregnant):

When Denny made his dramatic exit from Grey’s, I was a pregnant mascara faced mess. Then again two seasons later, I was pregnant again, and poor George O’Malley gets hit and mauled by a bus. I might as well have had black tear drops tattooed on my cheeks, because Thursday night television was enough for my husband to stage an intervention.

In my tear filled haze, I never thought to purchase waterproof mascara. It would have at least made the tears a little less obvious. Why hadn’t anybody suggested it before? I don’t know either. However, now that the black mascara haze has lifted, I can see clearly.  My vision includes waterproof mascara for this Fall season and quite possibly forever.

Whether it is another dramatic season of Grey’s Anatomy or the newest addition of arm candy entering the world that has you in tears, here are a few stay dry options that have received rave reviews from our friends at Good Housekeeping.  Just lookin out.

Maybelline Great Lash. Best Overall.

Benefit Bad Gal. Best for Sensitive Eyes and my personal fave.

YSL. Voted best for Separating.

Dior Blackout. Voted best for Lengthening


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    […] I can no longer blame the tears on pregnancy hormones.  I have already confessed, I cry a lot.  (see here) The selflessness displayed by service men, women and their families moves me to tears on a regular […]

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