Check Your Boobies

15 Aug

Say what? Yes, I said it.  Check Your Boobies.

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month.  To highlight breastfeeding awareness and help celebrate nursing moms everywhere, I will be featuring a few favorite breastfeeding products and organizations.  To kick the celebration off, I want to share a non-profit organization by the name of Check Your Boobies.

I was introduced to this group through a mom’s group when my son was born.  Yes, I laughed when I heard the name, just as I’m sure you did when you started reading this post. I also cringed a little when the fake breast was passed to me like a hot potato, but you better believe I went home and conducted a self exam.  Breast cancer is definitely no laughing matter, but this organization brings attention to an area most women try to avoid in a fun, friend-filled manner.

Check Your Boobies was created in 2003 by a young mother of three who discovered a lump in her breast while nursing her baby.  At the time of diagnosis, she had three children under the age of three and no family history of breast cancer. With the discovery of her own cancer, this particular mother also discovered the importance of early detection in others.  She has made it a mission to help women become familiar with their breasts and help detect breast cancer in its early stages, all while sipping cosmos and eating cupcakes of course.  Maybe not always, but check out their adorable invites for CYB parties and maybe consider hosting your own party.

Click here for information on self-exams for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

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