Costco, Carter’s and Canvas

31 Aug

If you only remember three words today, let them be: Costco, Carter’s and Canvas.  I am a big fan of Costco.  The people who I randomly meet at Costco, now that is a completely different story.  However, as far as product is concerned, Costco can do no wrong.

Going to Costco, is always like a treasure hunt and two of my recent treasures are the Carter’s fleece footed pajamas and the photo canvas from the photo center.  Both of these items are adorable and absolute steals.  I picked up a few pairs of the pajamas for my little Arm Candies and they are so cozy and all set for fall.  My son usually hates footed pajamas, but is so excited to have puppy dogs as feet, that I can barely get him to take them off.  All for a whopping $7.97 each.

I recently had one of my daughter’s professional pictures made into a canvas at Costco.  It was a fraction of the cost the photographer charged and turned out gorgeous!!  The quality is incredible and the price is definitely right.

1. Carter's Footed Pajamas

2. Costco Canvas Prints


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