Let’s be Frank

1 Sep

Over a year and a half ago, we flew down to Southern California. My husband absolutely HAD to see USC play against Ohio State. Which, has absolutely nothing to do with my point, and maybe proves that I carry some resentment for his loyalty to a PAC 10 team that is not my Alma Mater (any of my Alma Maters for that matter). Regardless, we went to California and the trade-off was that while he was at the game, I would get to visit with a few of my favorite girls and introduce a couple of them to my son. Fabulous trade-off right?!

It was a matter of minutes before the girls and I made our way to 3rd Street Promenade for a little shopping. While we were there, we stumbled across an adorable kids store. It’s funny, in the zillion times I have been to the Promenade, I had never noticed a children’s store. It might have had something to do with the number of Sake bombs consumed on previous trips to the Promenade, but regardless of the reason why or why I didn’t notice the store; there is a children’s store. It was in that particular children’s store that one of my oh-so thoughtful girlfriends insisted on getting something for my son. She purchased him an adorable turquoise Paul Frank hooded sweatshirt. Over the last year and a half, my son has literally worn Julius (the Paul Frank monkey on the front) out and we recently had to retire the hoodie.

Fast forward to last weekend. On another family outing, (not quite as glamorous as the streets of Santa Monica), we headed to Target for a few must-haves. Of course I had to sneak a peek in the kids section, and there he was staring back at me. It was Julius. I spotted an almost identical hoodie to the one my son had. Upon closer inspection, I found the material to be quite a bit thinner and not as well made, but priced at a mere $12.99!! Seriously!? I wish there were different colors available, I would have picked up a couple, but I settled for the blue one they had available . Such a deal! Especially, when compared to the hard to resist red faux hawk one for $58 that I have had my eye on. Frankly speaking, I’m pretty excited about Target’s affordable, adorable line.


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