Arm Candy Safety Tips

2 Sep

Arm Candy Safety police (self-appointed) here with a few safety tips on this fabulous Thursday.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a little Houdini on my hands.  He is a short stack, weighing in at about 31 lbs and manages to find his way into everything.  As his third birthday approaches, I have made the unfortunate discovery, that he has outsmarted the majority of my previous “baby” proofing and the time for “toddler” proofing is here.

Here are some of my  Arm Candy safety favorites.

1. Super Stopper

1. The Super Stopper.  I absolutely love the Super Stopper.  This little number is so basic, yet so fabulous.  I had originally purchased these for a few windows to help keep my son from crawling out.  I had to transfer one of these to our sliding glass door a couple of weeks ago to keep my son from removing the bar and unlocking the door.  The Super Stopper totally did the trick! It’s inexpensive, easy to use and easy to adjust as your child grows.

2. Curtain Cleats

2.  Curtain cleats. If you have curtain cords, cleats are a must.  I have Hunter Douglas shades and I called the company directly and they sent me 20 of them at no charge.  Be sure and mention they are needed for child proofing your home.  If your prefer decorative cleats, you can find an assortment at

3. Britax Car Seat

3.  Car Seat Safety-Many hospitals offer free classes on how to select a car seat and how to install them correctly.  I took advantage of both of the classes and I am so glad I did.  September 25th also happens to be National Seat Check Saturday.  Check here for a free site near you.  The American Academy of Pediatrics is also a great site for information on car seat safety.

4. Video Monitor.  My Summer Video Monitor is perhaps my absolute favorite baby item.  When you become a mother, I think you forfeit the right to a good night’s sleep ever again.  Even when your child is sleeping, you worry about the blankets, the sleeping position and the list goes on.  The video monitor truly gives me piece of mind and saves me from trekking down the hall numerous times a night to check on my little love.  The prices of the video monitors have also come down quite a bit in price and can be found for less than a $100.

4. Summer Video Monitor

5. Safety Sign. There are a lot of bad drivers out there.  Many of them happen to live in my neighborhood.  We have a couple of these little safety signs on our block and the neon colors and flag scream slow-down to speedy drivers.  Obviously, parent supervision is still required, but my wardrobe on its loudest day doesn’t hold a candle to the safety kid.

5. Kid Alert Safety Sign


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