Back to School Tips

4 Sep

School is literally just around the corner.  Many of you have children that are returning to school and some of us (me included) have children that are just starting school for the first time.  One of my dear friends and favorite moms, Hilary Smith, shares five tips to help children with separation anxiety.  You can view her interview on Studio 6 by clicking here.

1. Talk to your child about school or read them a book about the first day. Even if they have been to school before, if they are young they may not understand the concept that their teacher will be different and so will their class! Keep talking about all the exciting things they can learn in the upcoming year.

2. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep; wake them up with plenty of time to dress, eat breakfast, and get out the door without feeling rushed or anxious about the time.

3. Involve your child in preparations for school, such as helping to pack a lunch and laying out clothing the night before, and preparing breakfast in the morning. Add a note in their lunch, the Hewlett-Packard website has some great notes you can download!

4. Once at the classroom door, share a short goodbye – a warm hug and a kiss, and a reminder that you’ll be back when school is out. Prolonged goodbyes only make the situation harder, and always stay positive!

5. If your child is having difficulty entering the classroom or is unwilling to physically separate from you, allow a teacher to assist. Remember, teachers have lots of experience with just such a scenario.

Thanks for the fabulous tips Hilary!
Here are a handful of Arm Candy faves for helping to ease the school induced separation anxiety:

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