15 Sep

Growing up, we were a one television household.  DVR and TiVo had yet to arrive and cable television was a luxury only some could afford.  For the rest of us, there was one night a week that was worth fighting for:  Sunday night television.  The problem we had in our household was that I had parents that also enjoyed Sunday night television.  NFL football has always been a top priority for my father and Andy Rooney and the 60 minutes gang were also a parental favorite.  Sunday night competition was tough.  However, I did everything in my elementary age power to persuade a few minutes of Punky Brewster.  Sometimes I just had to hope and pray for 60 Minutes re-runs.  Other times, it came down to hoping and praying the Miami Dolphins didn’t go into overtime.  Then there were the times I settled for catching the 90 seconds slots while the other shows were on a commercial break.  Punky was a powerful force and I couldn’t wait to see what she and her faithful dog, Brandon, were up to each week.

I guess some things never change.  My inner six-year old heart skipped a beat when I saw Soleil and her new sidekicks on one of the covers of Baby Couture’s Magazine’s 10 year Anniversary edition.

Image credits: Wapedia & BC Magazine


3 Responses to “Punky”

  1. Modern Hostess September 15, 2010 at 9:19 am #

    I LOVED Punky! I can remember so many of the episodes and often think back to them. She has turned into such a beautiful Woman! Love her!

  2. Mom September 15, 2010 at 8:30 pm #

    You realize, one TV was by design!! It didn’t hurt you to watch 60 Minutes and Andy Rooney!

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