Prepare to Swoon

22 Sep

Confession:  One of the smartest “mom moves” I ever made was having professional photos taken of my children. With my first-born, I went a little nuts.  I had professional photographs taken of my son at every month during his first year of life and now get them done yearly.  Yes, I might be a bit obsessive, but not compulsive.  I had a well thought out plan and it paid off.

The pictures are without a doubt, one of my favorite keepsakes. God forbid, we ever had a fire, my priority would be children, dog, pictures.  (No, I didn’t forget poor hubs, he would be working of course)

When my daughter was born, the photographer I had been using was booked for the holidays, so I had her first professional photos done at 3 months and then again at 6 months and will be having them taken next month for her 1 year birthday. I know, I know.  I already feel bad that I didn’t do darling daughters pictures every month, but I am beyond thrilled with the pictures I do have and am trying not to add any more guilt on my plate right now.  Not to mention, her pictures make my heart literally jump out of my chest every time I look at them.

Pictures are pricey.  However, another one of my smarter moves involved finding a fantastic photographer that offers free photo sessions monthly at a local baby boutique.  The sessions are typically fast and furious, but with an infant, five minutes might be pushing it some days, so twenty minutes is more than plenty.  Yes, sometimes I paid out the wazoo because I loved so many of the pictures, but other months I paid around $60 or purchased single digital images at a fraction of what it would cost at a larger studio. Where there’s a will, there is definitely a way.

In addition to swooning over my own children’s photographs, I have a new hobby of swooning over random newborn pics.  A local Seattle photographer is one of the most amazing newborn photographers I have ever seen.  I’m not being biased either, although, she did happen to take my daughter’s 6 month pictures and will be shooting my daughter’s 12 month pictures.

Keri Meyers has an amazing gift with newborns that gives Anne Geddes a run for her money.  Quite honestly, I have never seen more adorable, unique newborn photos.  I literally “ooh and ahhh” every time she updates her blog with new Arm Candy photographs.  Oh, and when the twin pics pop-up I literally could keel over and die from an overdose of sweetness.  In addition, she creates props, conducts mentor sessions and sells all kinds of photography stuff ( I have no idea what half the stuff is, but the other photographers appear to get really excited).  Check out her blog or her Facebook page and prepare to swoon.

All images courtesy of Keri Meyer Photography.


2 Responses to “Prepare to Swoon”

  1. Christina September 23, 2010 at 6:56 am #

    Beautiful! I was hoping for a giveaway on this one, would have totally signed up 🙂

  2. Becky September 27, 2010 at 1:55 pm #

    Oh my goodness!!! That has to be the most adorable baby pic website every created!!! Love, Love, Loved it…. kinda makes u want another one, huh?? Thanks for sharing, keep up the great work!

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