Belly Up to The Bar

11 Oct

I love to sit at the bar.  Now that I have children, the type of bar has changed, but my love of the bar remains.  One of my latest kid friendly dining faves is the Sushi Bar.  Sushi is a favorite of mine and I missed it dearly during the months of my pregnancies….maybe even more so than caffeine.  I had pretty much ruled out Sushi with the kids, because it wasn’t something I thought of as a quick eat or necessarily kid-friendly. However, one single thing has caused me to change my mind:  the conveyor belt.

I was never a big conveyor belt fan prior to having kids, however, this revolutionary little rotator has made all the difference in family dining.  It’s faster than fast, provides a variety of kid friendly foods (rice, chicken, edamame) and is fairly inexpensive.  Let’s not forget the belt provides complete entertainment for most tots.  There you have it! All these reasons coupled with the fact that mama loves her sushi make bellying up the sushi bar an Arm Candy must!  


2 Responses to “Belly Up to The Bar”

  1. Jennifer Marlett October 11, 2010 at 12:51 pm #

    mmmmmmm, you know how much we love Coconut Sushi

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