Sweet Land of Liberty

11 Nov

Confession:  I have an overwhelming sense of guilt for having the Swiss flag on my blog for as long as I have today.  Even though it has absolutely nothing to do with anything other than my refusal to take part in any type of holiday festivities until after this weekend.  Moving on……..

In the State of Washington, we are constantly updated on military personnel.  Most of which, happen to be their homecomings.  This is, of course, the news I prefer.  It is absolutely one of favorite things to witness. (Ok…I can’t help it, that I also love reality television, I realize it’s a serious personality flaw). I just wish I had an alert that would notify me to grab the closest box of Kleenex when stories regarding military families appear in the news.  Unfortunately, I can no longer blame the tears on pregnancy hormones.  I have already confessed, I cry a lot.  (see here) The selflessness displayed by service men, women and their families moves me to tears on a regular basis.  Today, I am prepared for the waterworks.

In honor of the many sacrifices military families make on behalf of our country, I am featuring a few Arm Candy favorites. Happy Veteran’s Day!


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