Wikki Wikki Wack

3 Dec

On a recent trip to Chicago, I made a new discovery.  Behold the Wikki Stixs:

These bright, inexpensive wonders provide HOURS of entertainment.  Who would have thought sticky sticks in a variety of colors could unleash such creativity! My son and I created an entire wax museum on a 3 hour flight.  My only wish would have been that I thought ahead to how much my nieces and nephew would enjoy these stixs too, because none of the stixs made it on the plane back home.  Now I know.  I’m sticking these things in stockings, purses, glove boxes, absolutely everywhere. My world is about to become Wikkified.


One Response to “Wikki Wikki Wack”

  1. erin December 5, 2010 at 12:41 pm #

    Great idea for the plane…I’ll remember for our next trip. Vin hasn’t played with them, but I know Megan loves them, too!

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