Color Their World

11 Feb

This year was my son’s first Valentine’s party.   I wanted to find a fun Valentine activity for a three-year, (who isn’t particularly all too excited about sitting for long periods of time).  One of my favorite local blogs, ParentMap, had shared a handful of Valentine’s Day homemade craft ideas and I shamelessly stole the idea of making heart-shaped crayons from the featured crayon cooker “Chef Messy”.

The rules for my son’s party were no candy or treats, so the crayon heart fit the criteria.  Not to mention, the process involved destroying 20 or so crayons.  This definitely got my son’s attention! A quick stop at Michael’s craft store for a silicone heart-shaped tray, as shown below, and we were in business.

It took about 20 crayons to make 12 hearts. My son chose more brown crayons than I personally would have chosen, but technically they were not my Valentine’s and they turned out adorable regardless.  The most time-consuming part was taking off the crayon wrappers, but once the crayons were wrapper free, we (I) chopped them into small pieces and my son mixed them in a bowl and filled the trays.  We baked them at 250 degrees for 15 minutes and let them cool.  The process in total took about 45 minutes and was the perfect activity for my son.

There are so many different options as far as paper selection, however, I would recommend a thick card stock and a glue gun  or double-sided mounting tape for assembly.  Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

For "Crayon" out Loud. Image credit: Chef Messy


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