28 Feb

The simple reason that the below face comes to most mother’s minds when the word Oscar is mentioned is reason enough to justify the countless hours spent swooning over the Academy Awards.


With that being said……

Natalie Portman did not disappoint at last night’s Oscars. She was absolutely glamorous–right down to her Tiffany and Co. beaded earrings!  Which leads me to my latest confession.  My favorite part of last night’s award ceremony was the jewels.  From Portman’s plum sparklers to Witherspoon’s Emerald drops, last night’s award ceremony left me with a serious case of earring envy.  I’m sure the harsh reality of an adorable earring ripping out toddler makes the envy that much stronger, but a girl can still long for the days of dangling earrings no!? Enjoy them now Portman…your days of dangled jewels are numbered.

**I cringe a little posting this pic, because I was so disappointed in the dress. Just try to focus on the ears and hopefully you won’t be bored to pieces.

Bewitched, bejeweled, bedazzled.


Let’s vote! I’m dying to hear your Oscar faves!



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