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Oh baby it’s magic

26 Mar

Confession:  I am absolutely obsessed with the Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean.  Before stumbling across this magical little number, I could not find ANYTHING that I could use to keep my walls clean without leaving obvious marks.  These magic erasers are seriously beyond words.  Absolute domestic bliss for this undomestic mama.


Shape Ups?

23 Mar

Confession:  I caved and purchased my way into the Shape-up sportin’ world of Brooke Burke and Kim Kardashian.  In English? I purchased a pair of the Shape-Up shoes.  I will admit, they have peaked my curiosity for some time now, but I refused to spend $100 on a pair of not so cute shoes that wouldn’t guarantee leg toning success. As fate would have it, my Shape-up stars aligned on a recent trip to Costco when I found a somewhat cute pair for $49.99.

Two weeks later:  I have worn them on a few walks and while running errands.  I actually enjoy walking in these wobbly shoes.  They remind me of bouncing on a pogo ball. (How is that for 80’s nostalgia)

I do think perhaps the height of the shoe makes my legs look skinnier, but not any more so than a cute pair of stilettos.  All in all, the jury is still out.  I can’t decide if the shoes necessarily make me want to shape-up or want to ship out…….to the gym.

Costume Party

2 Mar

One of the most fabulous things about having children is the impromptu costume parties.  On any given day, I can have Batman running through my living room with Batgirl hot on his heels.  Imaginative play is one of my favorite toddler activities.  (I say “toddler” because it just isn’t as cute when you are a 32-year-old running around the house in a Wonder Woman costume, although you better believe I channel my inner Lynda Carter on a daily basis)

It will come as no surprise that when I was contacted to conduct a review for the Costume SuperCenter, I jumped at the opportunity.  With Easter right around the corner, I have had my heart set on an infant bunny costume for my daughter. Although, the decision was not an easy one, the Wonder Woman costumer was calling and  the Costume SuperCenter has an incredible selection.  However,  I ultimately selected the adorable bunny costume pictured below.  I based my selection on a few reasons.  First, it is adorable.  Second, I love that everything is attached, so I don’t have to worry about my 16 month old losing her bunny ears while she is hopping from Easter Egg to Easter Egg.  Third, it’s nice and cozy for a cool spring Seattle day.

Receiving the costume, in all it’s cuteness, absolutely validated my decision.  The costume is so soft and really well made. I also love the fact that my daughter can wear regular shoes, so she can toddle along outdoors and I don’t have to worry about the feet of her costume getting wet or damaged.  Not to mention, it is on sale for $22.99 AND the Costume SuperCenter offers a free exchange if the size is incorrect.  Fabulous no!?!

Now, the real task is somehow convincing my husband that wearing the below costume is a right of fatherly passage:

Here’s hopping….I mean hoping.