Shape Ups?

23 Mar

Confession:  I caved and purchased my way into the Shape-up sportin’ world of Brooke Burke and Kim Kardashian.  In English? I purchased a pair of the Shape-Up shoes.  I will admit, they have peaked my curiosity for some time now, but I refused to spend $100 on a pair of not so cute shoes that wouldn’t guarantee leg toning success. As fate would have it, my Shape-up stars aligned on a recent trip to Costco when I found a somewhat cute pair for $49.99.

Two weeks later:  I have worn them on a few walks and while running errands.  I actually enjoy walking in these wobbly shoes.  They remind me of bouncing on a pogo ball. (How is that for 80’s nostalgia)

I do think perhaps the height of the shoe makes my legs look skinnier, but not any more so than a cute pair of stilettos.  All in all, the jury is still out.  I can’t decide if the shoes necessarily make me want to shape-up or want to ship out…….to the gym.


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