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Botanical Garden

28 Apr

Confession: I am no green-thumb.   My thumbs could actually be held liable for the massive graves of botany that have had died on my watch. I wouldn’t be surprised to receive a notification that my Oregon birthrights have been revoked and my tie dye shirts and birkenstocks must be returned immediately.  It’s that bad. However, there is an exception.

Meet the Orchid.


     The Orchid is one of my absolute favorite flowers and as luck would have it, the orchid happens to be the ONLY plant I can keep alive.  (Unless, you count my dandelion garden that is in full bloom.) In fact, I have an orchid I received 8 years ago as an apartment warming gift.  I have somehow managed to keep this forgiving flower alive.  Not only are they breathtakingly beautiful, they are low-maintenance.  Hence, the perfect flower for a busy bee and a terrible botanist.  Happy Spring.