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Registry 101

27 Jul

Confession:  This post is long overdue.  It has taken a couple of questions from newly pregnant friends to motivate me to get a registry tips post together, so here goes.  First and foremost, I am completely over Babies R Us.  I know it is the standard and they rival Starbucks for number of stores and convenience of locations, however, I feel they are lacking in so many areas.  I definitely think Babies R Us is a great place to start.  Go and try out baby items and register for the basic necessities, however, when it comes to registering for items you really want, (i.e. High end Strollers, Carriers)  I recommend Amazon.

With the baby registry, you need to definitely know what you want prior to registering, because it is always a little more challenging returning items by mail rather than walking into a store.  Regardless, the major bonus with Amazon is that they have EVERYTHING, including higher quality items and speciality items.  It is so difficult finding specialty baby stores that have an online registry.  For example, I absolutely love the Little Giraffe Towels and the Baby Bjorn Active carrier, neither of which are available at Babies R Us.  I never cared for the wraps and slings, but I have a number of friends that swear by them.  These items are also available on Amazon.

I used the Baby Bjorn Active when my kids were newborn until about six months and then made the switch to the Ergo Carrier.  I still carry my almost two year old in the Ergo and absolutely love it.  Ask any mother, and they will tell you that a great carrier is one of the most important items you will register for.   (As another Arm Candy Guest writer pointed out here) The health of your back is dependent on this decision.

Second, great swaddle blankets are a must.  I am a HUGE fan of Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets.  These blankets are adorable,  lightweight and huge! I could probably swaddle my toddler.  Not that I would, but I probably could.  In fact, add these right now to your registry…..

Third, Babies R Us baby towels are so poorly made. (Sorry Babies R Us.  Just some straight talk from Seattle over a cup of morning java.) I would take one Little Giraffe Chenille towel over ten towels from Babies R Us.  These towels are amazingly soft and hold up so well in the washing machine.  Love, love, love.

Lastly, Amazon actually has a decent selection of baby clothing.  Personally, I love Splendid and if you have already purchased the entire Splendid Target line, you might as well register for the real deal on Amazon.

I realize the online registry takes the fun out of zapping items with the registry gun, but you will thank me later.


He cooks, he kicks, he scores.

22 Jul

Confession: I “liked” David Beckham and joined the 12 million other “likers” out in cyber space.  It is a little embarrassing. I have been on a total Beckham kick lately–pun intended.  I can’t help it.  The beautiful Beckhams are popping up everywhere.   And quite honestly what is not to love?! He posts regularly on Facebook and each post turns me into a bigger fan. The most recent Phineas and Ferb sketch with David Beckham had my son and I fighting over my iphone.  Good thing I weigh 4x as much and can out wrestle him.  Kidding….kinda.  With that being said, take a look for yourself.

Victoria right before giving birth to Harper. Taken by David Beckham.

Father-son bonding in Malibu. Taken yesterday. Image credit: RAMEY PHOTO

David, Romeo, Cruz & Brooklyn Beckham. Image credit: CrowBroadImage.
D. Beckham whipping up a little risotto. Image credit: David Beckham

Dad and daughter Beckham.

Two of the biggest names in soccer.

The Winner of the Sachi Hobo bag is……

18 Jul


Congrats Katie!  Please email me the address where you would like the bag shipped and your color selection! Thank you to all who participated and a HUGE thank you to our friends at Sachi.

Drawing conducted by Random.Org.

Serving up a Giveaway!

15 Jul

Image credit: Andrew McLeod, Landov US Weekly

Confession: I love handbags.  However, if I were ever selected for a “What’s In Your Bag” spot in US Weekly or a similar type publication, I would be mortified. I would be forced to confess that the bottom of my purse is filled with crushed Cheerios and looks something like the floor of a movie theater  following a midnight viewing of Harry Potter. My favorite purses have been hung for special occasions and kid-free outings.

Yet, motherhood has not stopped my love for handbags, it has merely shifted  my selection process.  Recently, while ordering a lunch sack for my son, I stumbled across Sachi lunch sacks.  I couldn’t resist.  I picked up the following insulated, functional and Kate Spade-esque little number for myself:

Lunch just got a whole lot cuter! Not to mention, there is a little pocket to stash your keys, cash and cards so no need for double bagging. My every day purse no longer has to double for a lunch sack. Now if  Sachi could make an insulated interior for my car I would be set!

GIVEAWAY: Our friends at Sachi are giving away a Sachi “hobo” bag to one lucky Arm Candy Confessions reader! The winner can select the color of their choice!

Giveaway Details:

How to enter: Visit Arm Candy Confessions on facebook and leave a wall comment on why you want a Sachi bag and which color you would choose! 

Contest Ends: Monday, July 18th at noon PST. 

Choose from Pink, Lime Green, Blue or Brown.

A Stroller Rant

13 Jul

Confession: When it comes to baby strollers, I have been through most. I bought into the Bugaboo hype and started out with the top of the line Cameleon and what a bug-a-bust.  I despise the stroller.  I tried to love it.  I will say there are definitely some perks to the bug-a-wallet-buster.  The ride is amazing and I love the look.  I even ran a 5k with my first born in the Bugaboo and had zero complaints from my little love.

However, the stroller is an absolute beast to get into the trunk.  There is nothing graceful about lifting a ridiculously heavy and awkward piece of machinery.  Don’t even let me get started on the car seat adapter debacle and my major meltdown in the hospital parking garage when I couldn’t get the car seat unattached from the stroller with my arm candy strapped inside. Disaster.

I even tried to pimp my ride a little with the fun fabrics and after market accessories.  I still hate it.  You definitely need another stroller to travel with.  Sure, you can purchase a travel case for the bugaboo if you plan on checking it through to your final destination, but then you have to check it and pray you don’t get stuck somewhere between Point A and Point B.  We know how that goes.  I could go on and on, but I won’t.

I recently read that Harper Beckham will be cruising in the ICandy Peach Stroller.  To be honest, I haven’t tried the ICandy stroller.  I love the name, but it is priced like a Bugaboo, looks like a Bugaboo and well….you know the rest.

The Perfect Jeans

11 Jul

Confession: I’ve been searching for the perfect jeans for my arm candies since they were born. I’ve purchased my fair share of not-so-cute jeans for my son. I don’t understand why there is so much dreadful denim out there.  From designer duds to just- for-a season jeans, I’ve tried them all for my arm candies. Since we live in a city known for rain and grunge, jeans are a staple in our families wardrobe.  I’m happy to report that I have found the perfect jeans for arm candies everywhere.  We are talking perfect. I won’t keep you in suspense:  GAPS 1969 jeans.

They have been around for a couple of years, but these jeans are freaking adorable on my kids.  I recently picked up the White Wash Mini Skinny jeans for my daughter and I am in love.  They have an adjustable waste and fit perfectly on my mini skinny munchkin.

For my son, Lil’ Loose jeans fit his caboose perfectly.  Again, the adjustable waist is so fabulous for growing  toddlers and the button fly are perfect for potty trained tots.  Affordable and adorable.  Love, love, love.

Red, White & Blue

6 Jul

The 4th of July has come and gone.  The fireworks have fizzled and the face paintings have been washed away.  But, don’t put away your American flags just yet.  This Sunday, provides yet another opportunity to wave the ol’ stars and stripes and chant U-S-A! If you haven’t been watching (shock…awe….disappointment) now is your chance to cheer on the US Women’s World Cup team vs. Brazil.

Why should you watch the game this Sunday?

1- Christie Rampone-Not only is she the ultimate soccer mom, having two daughters and returning to play three months after giving birth, but she is the last remaining player from the 1999 World Cup Team. (Think Mia, Julie & Michelle)

2. Hope Solo-In addition to the fact that she is ridiculously gorgeous, Solo also happens to be a UW Husky and hails from the small town of Richland, Washington. Let’s hear it for the hometown hero.  Oh…did I mention she only started playing Goalie in college?! Crazy right? These are just two of the 21 amazing women that make up the US Women’s World Cup Team.

3.  Go Global.- Soccer is the world’s game.  It’s a game that when played well is beautiful regardless of race, sex, class or country.  The World Cup is an amazing opportunity to teach your children from a young about the world and the people who come from all over for the love of a game.  

4. The World Cup happens every 4 years- The Olympics and Men’s World Cup have come and gone and this is the last chance for World Cup style soccer for another 3-4 years.

Set your alarm clocks and your coffee maker and get ready for some great soccer this Sunday! USA! USA! USA!!