Red, White & Blue

6 Jul

The 4th of July has come and gone.  The fireworks have fizzled and the face paintings have been washed away.  But, don’t put away your American flags just yet.  This Sunday, provides yet another opportunity to wave the ol’ stars and stripes and chant U-S-A! If you haven’t been watching (shock…awe….disappointment) now is your chance to cheer on the US Women’s World Cup team vs. Brazil.

Why should you watch the game this Sunday?

1- Christie Rampone-Not only is she the ultimate soccer mom, having two daughters and returning to play three months after giving birth, but she is the last remaining player from the 1999 World Cup Team. (Think Mia, Julie & Michelle)

2. Hope Solo-In addition to the fact that she is ridiculously gorgeous, Solo also happens to be a UW Husky and hails from the small town of Richland, Washington. Let’s hear it for the hometown hero.  Oh…did I mention she only started playing Goalie in college?! Crazy right? These are just two of the 21 amazing women that make up the US Women’s World Cup Team.

3.  Go Global.- Soccer is the world’s game.  It’s a game that when played well is beautiful regardless of race, sex, class or country.  The World Cup is an amazing opportunity to teach your children from a young about the world and the people who come from all over for the love of a game.  

4. The World Cup happens every 4 years- The Olympics and Men’s World Cup have come and gone and this is the last chance for World Cup style soccer for another 3-4 years.

Set your alarm clocks and your coffee maker and get ready for some great soccer this Sunday! USA! USA! USA!!


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