He cooks, he kicks, he scores.

22 Jul

Confession: I “liked” David Beckham and joined the 12 million other “likers” out in cyber space.  It is a little embarrassing. I have been on a total Beckham kick lately–pun intended.  I can’t help it.  The beautiful Beckhams are popping up everywhere.   And quite honestly what is not to love?! He posts regularly on Facebook and each post turns me into a bigger fan. The most recent Phineas and Ferb sketch with David Beckham had my son and I fighting over my iphone.  Good thing I weigh 4x as much and can out wrestle him.  Kidding….kinda.  With that being said, take a look for yourself.

Victoria right before giving birth to Harper. Taken by David Beckham.

Father-son bonding in Malibu. Taken yesterday. Image credit: RAMEY PHOTO

David, Romeo, Cruz & Brooklyn Beckham. Image credit: CrowBroadImage.
D. Beckham whipping up a little risotto. Image credit: David Beckham

Dad and daughter Beckham.

Two of the biggest names in soccer.


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