Registry 101

27 Jul

Confession:  This post is long overdue.  It has taken a couple of questions from newly pregnant friends to motivate me to get a registry tips post together, so here goes.  First and foremost, I am completely over Babies R Us.  I know it is the standard and they rival Starbucks for number of stores and convenience of locations, however, I feel they are lacking in so many areas.  I definitely think Babies R Us is a great place to start.  Go and try out baby items and register for the basic necessities, however, when it comes to registering for items you really want, (i.e. High end Strollers, Carriers)  I recommend Amazon.

With the baby registry, you need to definitely know what you want prior to registering, because it is always a little more challenging returning items by mail rather than walking into a store.  Regardless, the major bonus with Amazon is that they have EVERYTHING, including higher quality items and speciality items.  It is so difficult finding specialty baby stores that have an online registry.  For example, I absolutely love the Little Giraffe Towels and the Baby Bjorn Active carrier, neither of which are available at Babies R Us.  I never cared for the wraps and slings, but I have a number of friends that swear by them.  These items are also available on Amazon.

I used the Baby Bjorn Active when my kids were newborn until about six months and then made the switch to the Ergo Carrier.  I still carry my almost two year old in the Ergo and absolutely love it.  Ask any mother, and they will tell you that a great carrier is one of the most important items you will register for.   (As another Arm Candy Guest writer pointed out here) The health of your back is dependent on this decision.

Second, great swaddle blankets are a must.  I am a HUGE fan of Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets.  These blankets are adorable,  lightweight and huge! I could probably swaddle my toddler.  Not that I would, but I probably could.  In fact, add these right now to your registry…..

Third, Babies R Us baby towels are so poorly made. (Sorry Babies R Us.  Just some straight talk from Seattle over a cup of morning java.) I would take one Little Giraffe Chenille towel over ten towels from Babies R Us.  These towels are amazingly soft and hold up so well in the washing machine.  Love, love, love.

Lastly, Amazon actually has a decent selection of baby clothing.  Personally, I love Splendid and if you have already purchased the entire Splendid Target line, you might as well register for the real deal on Amazon.

I realize the online registry takes the fun out of zapping items with the registry gun, but you will thank me later.


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