Sugar Booger

29 Aug

Confession: I’m still in love with Sugar Booger.  Nearly a year ago, I confessed my love for the company, ORE, and its’ line of Sugar Booger products. (Don’t remember, click here)  A year later and I am still in love.  The wonderful news is that I received the Fall 2011 Press Kit and I am even more in love.  I have managed to leave the catalogs dog-eared and drool stained. And though I have torn through them numerous times, they still have not managed to make their way to the recycle bin.

In addition to the fabulous children’s line, Sugar Booger,  ORE has two additional lines, one for adults (Living Goods) and one for pets (Ore Pet).  The Founder and President of ORE is a mother from Long Beach.  If you haven’t noticed, I LOVE woman run companies.  Especially woman run companies that make safe and adorable products for our arm candies and our pets.  I also love discounts. ORE is bringing us fabulous products and a 10% discount on web order purchases by using the code MID11 through September 30, 2011.  Check out some of the adorable and functional fall collections.  Be sure and check back for a few new designs that will be available on September 1, 2011.  They are absolutely ad “ore” able!

Flip & Sip Stainless-steel drink container

Zippee Lunch Tote

Prehistoric Pals Kiddie apron

Good Lunch Snack Sack

CURRENT GIVEAWAY:  Set of Brazil Butt Lift DVD’s!!! Valued at $59.85! Click here to enter!


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