Teacher First Day Survival Kit

7 Sep

Confession:  You might feel a twinge of guilt after reading this post.  However, that is not the intention.  If you are anything like myself, your child started school this week.  I was feeling especially proud that my son made it out the door on time.  His school supplies were nicely labeled in his new dinosaur backpack.  His teeth were freshly brushed.   His clothes were neatly ironed  and he had a healthy breakfast in his tiny little tummy.  Day One= SUCCESS!!!

By most motherly accounts, I may have even exceeded expectations.  However, I can’t help but feel a bit guilty after scrolling my Facebook newsfeed and coming across a friend’s out of this world “1st Day Teacher’s Survival Kit”.  Talk about starting the school year off on the right foot!  These amazing teacher baskets are personalized for each teacher and include some of the following items:  hand sanitizer, cute office supplies, bath and body soaps, coffee cards, chocolate, gum and personalized clever little notes indicating what each item is for.  Amazing, no!?

The creator and thoughtful gal behind these adorable creations happens to have dedicated quite a bit of time in the classroom as a teacher and knows first hand how valuable teachers can be to our little arm candies.  It is going uncontested that the Arm Candy Confessions First Day of School MVP (most valuable parent) goes to Mrs. Amy Taylor of Portland, Oregon.

If you are like me and didn’t think of getting anything for your child’s teacher, (not even an apple…doh)  fret not.  Teacher’s appreciation week will be here before you know it and the holidays are right around the corner.  Amy shared a couple of her other crafty creations to help get our creative teacher lovin’ juices flowing.  She just happened to whip together these baskets in her “free time”.  Oh, I forgot to mention, Amy is the mother to three beautiful girls (see below), my P90X inspiration and pretty much out of his world fabulous and I can’t imagine she has a lot of free time!  No joke. Thank you to Amy for the inspiration and the reminder that teachers need love too!

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