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Girlfriends Tea For The Mother-To-Be

22 Aug

Confession: I love hosting baby showers.  I love the planning, the excitement and the pampering of the expectant mother-to-be, which typically happens to be a dear friend. There always seems to be debate surrounding whether or not to shower or sprinkle a mother when she is pregnant with her second, third, fourth….child.

When I was pregnant with my second, I really did not want a shower and two of my closest friends insisted.  I, of course caved. I am so glad I did.  The afternoon was one I will never forget.

Fast forward to present.  One of my closest girlfriends is pregnant with her third child, which happens to be a girl.  She has two beautiful boys and is thrilled to be adding a little pink to the family dynamic. She of course did not want a shower or anything fancy, but every princess needs a tea party and that is exactly what we gave her! I promised her it wouldn’t be big in numbers, but it was a grand affair.  The afternoon was filled with hats, tea, games, finger-sandwiches and a whole lotta love.  It was low in stress and high in fun.  Hats were strongly encouraged and all the guests kindly obliged. It was such a fun, fancy affair and left me longing for another afternoon filled with girlfriends, tea and reasons to celebrate.   Here are a few pictures of our Sunday afternoon!

**Disclaimer.  All pictures were taken by yours truly and are unprofessional in nature.

The beautiful guest of honor.

The favors: tea bag holder, personalized tea bag and a silver spoon.

The Georgian. Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle.

The girls

The Hostesses


Pregnancy Book Guide

26 May

Confession:  I believe the greatest joy in life is becoming a mother.  Therefore, you can understand the excitement when a bestie calls to share that she is expecting her first child.  It is hard to put into words the joy and fear that surround motherhood.  In nine months you are expected to produce a child and know what to do with it.  Loving a child is the easy part–making sure your newborn baby boy doesn’t pee in your face is the challenge.  Yes, it will happen.

I’ve always been one for preparation.  My nine month journey to motherhood included pretty much every maternity book and magazine under the sun.   Most, I could live with out.  However, there are a select few that I have turned to time and time again for information.  Without further ado,

1. Baby BargainsThis book is an absolute must have for mothers.  I took this book with me to register and still reference it when researching new items to purchase for my arm candies.

1. Baby Bargains

2. What to Expect When you are Expecting– This book is like the pregnancy bible and even when you think you know everything, I guarantee you will still pull this book off the shelf to look up some random pregnancy question.

3.  Bump It Up–  Pregnancy is not an excuse to be a fashion “not”. Be prepared with these amazing fashion tips for expecting mothers.


28 Feb

The simple reason that the below face comes to most mother’s minds when the word Oscar is mentioned is reason enough to justify the countless hours spent swooning over the Academy Awards.


With that being said……

Natalie Portman did not disappoint at last night’s Oscars. She was absolutely glamorous–right down to her Tiffany and Co. beaded earrings!  Which leads me to my latest confession.  My favorite part of last night’s award ceremony was the jewels.  From Portman’s plum sparklers to Witherspoon’s Emerald drops, last night’s award ceremony left me with a serious case of earring envy.  I’m sure the harsh reality of an adorable earring ripping out toddler makes the envy that much stronger, but a girl can still long for the days of dangling earrings no!? Enjoy them now Portman…your days of dangled jewels are numbered.

**I cringe a little posting this pic, because I was so disappointed in the dress. Just try to focus on the ears and hopefully you won’t be bored to pieces.

Bewitched, bejeweled, bedazzled.


Let’s vote! I’m dying to hear your Oscar faves!


Celeb Preggers of Oscars Past

27 Feb

Oh the excitement for this evening’s Oscars!  Here are a few Oscar worthy celebs of preggers past.

Bump It Up Kit by Mama Mio <3

22 Jan

Hello old friends.  Sorry it has been awhile.  I’m embarrassed to admit, it has almost been a month since my last confession.  (Arm Candy Confession of course) Leave it to a dear friend to point out my Corporate Finance class is sucking me dry of my creative juices.  I couldn’t agree more.  So, here I am, excited to share a special little treat for all the fabulous pregnant women in our lives.

It’s a  preggers kit by Mama Mio and the ever fashionable style expert, Amy Tara Koch.  Mama Mio happens to be one of my very favorite pregnancy product lines.  I used the Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil religiously during my first pregnancy.  It is fabulous for a number of reasons.  First, the fact that I tried a handful of belly rubs that made me want to run to the nearest toilet and puke my brains out from the smell, make this fabulous scent-free rub hold a very special place in my heart….and belly.  Second, the tiny 4.1 oz bottle lasts forever! Well, at least 8-9 months or so.  Third, no stretch marks.

I have absolutely loved all the Mama Mio products that I have tried AND the fashion tips of Amy Tara Koch are a gals fool proof guide to a fashionable 9 months of pregnancy and beyond.  You can imagine my excitement when I saw that two of my faves teamed up to bring the Bump It Up kit to expecting mothers everywhere.  The kit includes a copy of Bump It Up, Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter and a tube of Mama Mio Boob Tube.  It’s the perfect gift for Mama’s-to-be.  Love, love, love!

***The Mama Mio Tummy Oil is not included in the kit, but you can find it here.

Stork Season

26 Oct

Image Credit: Getty Images/Steve Granitz

The stork responsible for Celebrity Lane is going to be busy this baby making season.  E News just confirmed Miss Mariah is expecting.  (Key word: confirmed. The pregnancy rumors swirling around Mimi are enough to make anyone dizzy)  Did someone say Emotions? Just you wait Mariah! Congrats to the parents to be!

Current Giveaway: Three delicious boxes of GoGo SqueeZ up for grabs! Enter here.

Rumor Has It

23 Oct


Rumor has it, a stork will be making a couple of deliveries on Celebrity Lane.


Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Getty Images.

Rachel Zoe. Photo Credit: Getty Images



Mama Klum’s Steals & Deals

17 Oct

Heidi Klum is one of the busiest celeb moms out there! Not only does she have a new active wear line on (here), she has a maternity line featured at Destination Maternity.  Check out some of her maternity pieces on sale now!


Loved by Heidi Klum. On sale $19.99

Lavish by Heidi Klum. On sale $29.99

Lavish by Heidi Klum. On sale $49.99

Find more of Mama Klum’s pieces here.


Bump It Up

13 Sep

Pregnancy glam? Preggo Chic?  Is there such a thing? If you would have asked me a year ago, as I entered my ninth month of pregnancy, the answer would have surely been “no”.  Miroslova Duma preggers fashion has been nothing but a pipe dream.  However, with the help of career fashion gal, Amy Tara Koch (a trend reporter for NBC, contributor to Town & Country, American Way, The New York TimesThe Huffington PostThe New York Observer and Daily Candy, and style expert for iVillage, Inc.; Vogue and Twitter Moms.), I am starting to believe in the impossible.

Koch’s new book, Bump It Up, is chock full of preggers style tips for all stages of pregnancy, not to mention, it oozes wit and charm.  Maybe the third time really will be a fashion charm for this mother of two…..or maybe I’ll head to the gym and try to sweat myself free of the last few pregnancy pounds, while enjoying this polka-dotted, fun, fashionable read, of course.

Here is a preview from the Bump It Up Website

DELIV-A-CHIC: Ready, Get Set, Wax!

I don’t care what your friends have told you. The final month of pregnancy is not for counting contractions over a tray of Fannie May Mint Meltaways. Month nine is all about preparation to look thoroughly divine in the delivery room. With the proliferation of Skype You Tube, Facebook, all the world’s a stage. Even the birthing room. Do you want your gorgeous new baby overshadowed by your talons, unibrow and frizzy tresses?  Delivery pics will be posted moments after the cord is cut and sent to your on line address book.  Then, mom, grandma, sister and in laws will get to work forwarding images to your friends and colleagues until every last acquaintance until your sleepover camp bunkmate (whose bed you short sheeted) ends the cycle. Knowing that your image will live in perpetuity on the world wide web, a month nine rendevous with your glam squad about is essential.

Check out the Bump It Up website for additional tips.

*Adorable images borrowed from

Great Expectations- Full Bloom

24 Aug

First there was Heidi.  Then there was Giselle.   Now Miranda is the latest Angel to join the ranks of the Victoria’s Secret yummy mummy club. The Australian born beauty finally confirmed the pregnancy rumors.  There is something extra sweet about an expectant Victoria’s Secret model, especially when she is married to the adorable Orlando.