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Hello Gorgeous

28 Jul

It’s hard to find baby blankets that rival the softness and style of Little Giraffe blankets.  That is not to say the competition is not out there.  In my opinion, the biggest rival is a San Francisco based company by the name of Tourance.

Tourance has a gorgeous line of baby blankets, one of which I received 3 years ago when my son was born. (click here to see) It was then that my love affair with their blankets began.

I have since ordered a blanket for my daughter (here) and gifted a blanket as well (see here).  The blankets are absolutely gorgeous and more importantly, they are beautifully crafted.  My children’s blankets have held up wonderfully in the washing machine and endured everything from spillage to spit up, while remaining stain free of course.

I absolutely adore a number of other items from the Tourance line and look forward to adding a couple other items to my Tourance collection.

Here are a couple of my other Tourance faves:

Snow Leopard Throw By Tourance

Tourance Ruffle Bloomers