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Great Expectations

22 Jul

Confession:  I’m a reality loving, celeb following junkie.  I buy US Weekly and have E and TMZ on my iPhone for the latest breaking celebrity news.  I find nothing more relaxing than flipping through a gossip magazine–Unless of course I am on a beach flipping through a gossip magazine, while getting a massage and sipping a Banana Bora or something of that sort.

Now that we have that out-of-the-way, I need to share my latest celeb obsession: Ms. Keys. I can’t get enough of her voice and every time I see her cute little preggers self, I imagine her singing lullabies to her perfect little bundle of joy and I fall deeper in love.

I can’t help but get excited about the creative juices that have got to be flowing for Ms. Keys and the effect that her bouncing baby will have on her music and the world.  Great expectations to say the least.

I’m attaching a few pics of her amazing maternity attire for inspiration.   Just be careful in those stilettos mama.

A couple of additional Great Expectations for 2010 include:

Love and marriage, love and marriage….

Congrats to fabulous, funny, cancer kickin’ Christina on her pregnancy!

Keeping up with the Pitts? Chris Daughtry announced he and his wife are expecting a boy and a girl! Great expectations for these twinsies!

Image credits: Getty images, People