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Taco Time Cactus Card GIVEAWAY

18 Oct

It is funny the things we remember from our childhood.  For whatever reason, whenever I think of Taco Time, I think of my mom taking my brother and I there as children.  We LOVED it! Growing up in a small town, we had ONE Taco Time.  My mom has always encouraged healthy eating habits and fast food was not a part of our regular diet growing up.  Taco Time was a treat and has always been an exception to the fast food rule.

I STILL love Taco Time! The Fish Taco’s are an absolute favorite of mine and recently, I am head over heels for the Fit-Hit Menu! The Fit Hit Menu has fabulous options for healthy, delicious food when you are out and about.  The Fit Hit menu features 8 healthy entrees, all under 400 calories and four gluten-free ingredients! Seriously.  In addition, Taco Time Northwest is the first quick service restaurant in the Puget Sound to offer gluten-friendly items on its menu.

Most importantly, I LOVE the options for the Kids Menu.  You can take an ordinary menu item and customize it to include Apple Sauce, 2 % Milk and a toy instead of Crustos and reduce the calorie content by half! FAB-U-LOUS!

Did I mention that Taco Time rolled out an App that allows you to review the menu for calories AND allergens! Yep, they did.

The BEST part of all of this is that our friends at TacoTime Northwest  are giving away a $25 CACTUS CARD to one lucky Arm Candy Confessions reader!!!!

How to Enter: Visit Taco Time NW on Facebook and give them a little love by clicking “like”.  Leave me a comment to let me know you did this and you will be entered to win!

When: NOW until Thursday, October 27th, 2011 at noon PST.

Criteria: Must be 18 years of older and a US Resident.


Brazil Butt Lift Giveaway

27 Aug

Guess who earned a double belt in Insanity!!?!?!  (In case you missed my Insane post, you can see what I am talking about by clicking here) Ok…well maybe they don’t give out belts, but I deserve one.  I earned it.  Although I might not have an Insanity t-shirt, because my husband finally confessed that he purchased our Insanity set on Ebay. Therefore, I am not eligible for the “I earned it” t-shirt (boo-hiss), which is awarded for completing 60 days of Insanity.  I did sweat my way through two rounds of the madness and since I can’t get a freakin’ t-shirt, we are doing a giveaway to celebrate!  Who needs another t-shirt anyways!? Sniffle…sniffle….

Contest Details

What can you win?  A set of the booty blasting Brazil Butt Lift DVD’s by Beachbody.  Valued at $59.85

 How to enter:  Visit Beachbody and sign up for a *FREE membership.  Enter “CoachChayna” as your coach and enjoy the awesome  benefits!  Extra entries for each friend you refer!  Leave me a message indicating you did so and which friends you referred. Winner will be selected by Random.org.

*It takes two seconds and there are no credit cards involved or anything of that nature.

Dates:  Contest ends September 16th at noon PST.

Eligibility:  Must be 18 years or older and a US resident.

The Winner of the Sachi Hobo bag is……

18 Jul


Congrats Katie!  Please email me the address where you would like the bag shipped and your color selection! Thank you to all who participated and a HUGE thank you to our friends at Sachi.

Drawing conducted by Random.Org.

Serving up a Giveaway!

15 Jul

Image credit: Andrew McLeod, Landov US Weekly

Confession: I love handbags.  However, if I were ever selected for a “What’s In Your Bag” spot in US Weekly or a similar type publication, I would be mortified. I would be forced to confess that the bottom of my purse is filled with crushed Cheerios and looks something like the floor of a movie theater  following a midnight viewing of Harry Potter. My favorite purses have been hung for special occasions and kid-free outings.

Yet, motherhood has not stopped my love for handbags, it has merely shifted  my selection process.  Recently, while ordering a lunch sack for my son, I stumbled across Sachi lunch sacks.  I couldn’t resist.  I picked up the following insulated, functional and Kate Spade-esque little number for myself:

Lunch just got a whole lot cuter! Not to mention, there is a little pocket to stash your keys, cash and cards so no need for double bagging. My every day purse no longer has to double for a lunch sack. Now if  Sachi could make an insulated interior for my car I would be set!

GIVEAWAY: Our friends at Sachi are giving away a Sachi “hobo” bag to one lucky Arm Candy Confessions reader! The winner can select the color of their choice!

Giveaway Details:

How to enter: Visit Arm Candy Confessions on facebook and leave a wall comment on why you want a Sachi bag and which color you would choose! 

Contest Ends: Monday, July 18th at noon PST. 

Choose from Pink, Lime Green, Blue or Brown.

GoGo Giveaway

22 Oct

A couple of months ago, I confessed my love for the fabulous GoGo Squeez.  (For those of you that need a refresher, please check it out here.) Our friends at GoGo Squeez want to reward an Arm Candy Confessions reader with 3 Boxes of healthy, easy to use, oh-so fabulous GoGo Squeez Apple-Apple!

What do you need to do to win these fabulous snacks!!?

To Enter: Visit the GoGo Squeez Facebook page and become a fan. (Here) Be sure and leave a comment on this page letting me know you did so!

It’s that easy!

Contest Begins: Now

Contest Ends: Friday, October 29th at Noon PST

Additional details: Must be US Resident.  Winner will be selected by Random.org



Burned The Floor

17 Sep

OMG.  No, I’m not referring to Usher and his 2010 tour.  I’m still a little red in the face after last night’s Burn the Floor Seattle performance.  Up until last week, I hadn’t even heard of Burn The Floor.  Yeah, sure I tune into a So You Think You Can Dance episode here and there and have cast a few votes for my favorite Dancing With The Stars performers, but neither hold a candle to the sexified, heart-pounding performance by the Burn The Floor crew.  The performance was hot, it was sweet, it was dirty, it was fabulous fun!

I’m telling you girls– grab your husband, a friend, your mom, whoever, and go! I was lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who offered to watch the candies while I took one of my besties, who is visiting from LA.  Drinks, sushi, dancing (and randomly being sat next to the adorable and sweet Arm Candy Confessions Burn The Floor contest winner at dinner) made for the perfect evening.  The performance itself lasted about two hours, which is perfect for a work or school night! Even if you are a sleep deprived mom, like myself, I guarantee you will not fall asleep during the show and you will leave feeling like somebody stuck a defibrillator to your heart and kick started your entire body.  The show will absolutely get your heart racing, feet moving and blood cooking! (Not to mention, inspire you to cut back on the potato chips and head to the nearest gym)

A HUGE thank you to Art Meets Commerce and Broadway Across America for generously hosting such a fabulous giveaway and spectacular evening!

Off to practice my Pasodoble!

Winner of the “Ellie” the Elephant Giveaway

4 Sep

Ellie has found a new home!  Many thanks to all who entered the “Ellie” the elephant Giveaway.  A very big THANK YOU to the beautiful, sweet and talented Elaine of Elaine’s Stuffies for the generous donation of “Ellie” the elephant.  There are still many stuffies in need of good homes, so please continue to visit Elaine’s Stuffies and shower her store with love!

Without further ado, the winner is:


Congratulations!  You will be receiving an email from Elaine to verify your mailing address!!

Contest held by Random.org.  Verify entry here.

Adorable Ellie The Elephant Giveaway

25 Aug

Meet Ellie.   Ellie is a baby elephant made from off-white organic cotton/hemp, turquoise eco felt and anti-bacterial Nature Fil stuffing.  She loves to cuddle and is looking for a home.

Elaine over at Elaine’s Stuffies is generously donating adorable Ellie to one lucky Arm Candy Confessions reader.  In addition, Elaine is offering 15% off all purchases at Elaine’s Stuffies for Arm Candy Confessions readers.  Be sure and let her know I sent you and please drop in and show her some love!

Want to give a home to Ellie?

To win Ellie you must:

For extra, optional entries you can do any or all of the following.  Leave a separate comment for each action you took.

  • Become a fan on Facebook of Arm Candy Confessions. (one additional entry)
  • Make Elaine’s Stuffies a favorite on Etsy. (one additional entry)
  • Purchase any product at Elaine’s Stuffies.  (FIVE additional entries)
  • Subscribe to Arm Candy Confessions. (one additional entry)
  • Tweet or share this contest.  (one additional entry)

Contest and promotion ends on Friday, September 3rd at midnight PDT.  Winner will be selected by random.org.  US Residents only.

Drum Roll Please

7 Aug

The winner of the Sweet Little Hodgepodge/Arm Candy Confessions giveaway is:


Congratulations Renee! You will be receiving an email from Sweet Little Hodgepodge shortly to confirm your prize selection! Thank you all for your participation in our first giveaway contest! A special thanks to Jennifer at Sweet Little Hodgepodge for donating the adorable prize!  Please stay tuned for our next giveaway!! Have a wonderful weekend!

This drawing was held by Arm Candy Confessions in a fair and unbiased manner, using RANDOM.ORG’s Third-Party Draw Service. For details, please see the drawing’s record.

Lucky me. Lucky you?

2 Aug

Last week Arm Candy Confessions announced its first giveaway. (here) I adore giveaways. As luck would have it, giveaways like me too. Yesterday, I received an email from Viva la Violette announcing that I won a giveaway for $40 to their store! Viva la Violette specializes in adorable handmade stationary and the product line even includes a set of Eco Go Green notecards. In addition, they have teamed up with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree with each new order they receive. Needless to say, I am thrilled to have won.

I was about 10 years old when I won my first giveaway. I remember waiting with my mom inside of a First Interstate Bank, which is now a Bank of America and has been about five other things between Bank A and Bank B. While I was waiting, I began filling out entry forms and dropping them in the entry box. Clearly there were no age restrictions for this particular contest. My mom finished her banking transaction and asked why I was filling out the entry forms. “You can win a family portrait” I replied enthusiastically as I pointed to the happy family in the display. “Nobody really ever wins those things,” she said lovingly as we walked away. Famous last words right!? A few weeks later the portrait company called to congratulate me on my winnings.

That drawing marked the beginning of my lucky winning streak. Since then, I have won a number of giveaways over the years. One of my most exciting wins, was a free movie-a-week for life from Hollywood Video in Thousand Oaks, California. Unfortunately, I moved away a year later and I think Hollywood Video has since then closed, but it doesn’t matter. A win is a win in my book.

It had been awhile since I had entered a giveaway of any sort, but last week when I was posting the Arm Candy Confessions giveaway details on different giveaway sites, I came across the Viva la Violette giveaway. I love hand written notes, so of course I HAD to enter. Yesterday when I got the email from Viva La Violette stating that I had won the drawing, I was giddy. You see, even though I fully hope to win giveaways, I am still hit with shock and awe when I actually get selected. So, of course I did what any big contest winner would do. I danced around the house to release some post-win excitement and then immediately jumped online to spend my winnings. Forty dollars may not sound like much, but check out the absolutely adorable and affordable gifts I purchased for a few lucky ladies in my life.

One of the notecards will include a message along the lines of “Nobody really ever wins those things.”




  1. Monogrammed Elephant Notecards-$11.00 (for my daughter)
  2. Antique Teapot Notecards-$11.00 (for my mom)

The moral of the story is; you can’t win if you do not enter. 5 days left of the Sweet Little Hodgepodge giveaway. Enter now!

Thank you to Viva la Violette for the fabulous giveaway and for the adorable products!