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Taco Time Cactus Card GIVEAWAY

18 Oct

It is funny the things we remember from our childhood.  For whatever reason, whenever I think of Taco Time, I think of my mom taking my brother and I there as children.  We LOVED it! Growing up in a small town, we had ONE Taco Time.  My mom has always encouraged healthy eating habits and fast food was not a part of our regular diet growing up.  Taco Time was a treat and has always been an exception to the fast food rule.

I STILL love Taco Time! The Fish Taco’s are an absolute favorite of mine and recently, I am head over heels for the Fit-Hit Menu! The Fit Hit Menu has fabulous options for healthy, delicious food when you are out and about.  The Fit Hit menu features 8 healthy entrees, all under 400 calories and four gluten-free ingredients! Seriously.  In addition, Taco Time Northwest is the first quick service restaurant in the Puget Sound to offer gluten-friendly items on its menu.

Most importantly, I LOVE the options for the Kids Menu.  You can take an ordinary menu item and customize it to include Apple Sauce, 2 % Milk and a toy instead of Crustos and reduce the calorie content by half! FAB-U-LOUS!

Did I mention that Taco Time rolled out an App that allows you to review the menu for calories AND allergens! Yep, they did.

The BEST part of all of this is that our friends at TacoTime Northwest  are giving away a $25 CACTUS CARD to one lucky Arm Candy Confessions reader!!!!

How to Enter: Visit Taco Time NW on Facebook and give them a little love by clicking “like”.  Leave me a comment to let me know you did this and you will be entered to win!

When: NOW until Thursday, October 27th, 2011 at noon PST.

Criteria: Must be 18 years of older and a US Resident.


Best Eats

3 Aug

Yesterday’s post included one of my favorite “family” fine dining experiences. So, of course today I have to share my favorite establishment for fast, healthy, affordable eats. I won’t keep you in suspense; it is Chipotle. I am sure you have heard of it and possibly driven by a franchise or two. The restaurant is not new, however, as of last month, Chipotle has added a Kid’s Menu. Not only have they added a Kid’s Menu, but they have added an affordable, fabulous, healthy Kid’s Menu. 

I’ve been a Chipotle fan since a few girlfriends and I started taking our kids there for lunch after swim class over a year ago. They are always fast, delicious and affordable. The one drawback is finding a parking spot. Yet, the fact that 85% of their beef and 100% of their pork is naturally raised, they don’t use rBGH (growth hormone) in their cheese or sour cream and they attempt to partner with farms that are family owned are all reasons that make the extra effort to find a parking spot well worth it. You can check out their Food With Integrity practices by clicking here

Below are a few items you can expect to find on the Kid’s Menu: 

  • Small Cheese Quesadilla ($2.95) – served with a side of rice or beans.
  • Small Meat & Cheese Quesadilla ($3.50) – served with a side of rice.
  • Single Taco ($3.50) – A single crispy or soft taco filled with taco ingredients.
  • Taco Kit ($3.95) – Kids choose any three ingredients, such as meat, salsa and cheese, and two crispy or two soft taco shells. Kids get to make their own tacos.

All of the meals come with a small bag of chips and a choice of organic milk, apple juice or soda. 

Did I mention you can order online or with the Chipotle iPhone app? Delicious. 

Chipotle Gurnee Location. The first restaurant EVER to receive the platinum level design award for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.