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Arm Candy Travel Essentials

22 Jul

I love to travel.  I am the first to admit that travel was a lot easier prior to having kids, but with a few important travel essentials, traveling with kids is definitely do-able.  Regardless of whether you are traveling abroad or taking a weekend road trip, I’ve put together a list of a few of my must haves.  It’s a bit like Oprah’s favorite things, but not.  Let’s just call them:  Arm Candy Travel Essentials.

  1. Space Bags

These are a new discovery for me and they changed my life.  Yes, dramatic, but true.  Space bags are fabulous for a few reasons.  First, they shrink your clothes to about half the size in your suitcase.  Part of the maternal sacrifice that people often forget to mention, is that you have to share luggage space with your children.  It’s hard enough giving up your body and sleep, but luggage space?! Fear not fellow travelers! The space bag allows you to pack just as much, but in half the space.  Fabulous right!? The only con is that you have to be careful of the weight limit if flying.  You’ve been warned.  Second, these handy bags protect your clothes from liquids.  If you haven’t had the occasional liquid leak that has stained an item of clothing, consider yourself lucky.  Third, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to re-pack, it’s extremely easy to pull these out and shuffle things around.  Fourth, they are re-usable.  Fifth-do I really need to say more?

2.  A fabulous duffle- I have one which I love, by Lululemon (see here), however, I am lusting after another one by Halsea, that was recently featured on House of Glam Living. (Click here to see).  Once I convince darling hubs of how functional AND fabulous this bag is for our upcoming trip to Hawaii, it’s mine!!

I have found that when traveling, especially with more than one child, you need to bring the kitchen sink.  (i.e. games, toys, change of clothes, diapers, food, books, wipes, tide wipes etc). Therefore, think big. Other features I look for include an inside liner that is easy to clean and the roller feature is a must for moms on the go!

3.  A Shawl- Air Travel with a shawl for me is an absolute must. First, it tends to get chilly on a plane and a shawl functions as a wonderful warmer for mom or child.  Second, for breast-feeding moms, a shawl provides excellent (and fashionable) cover, especially when reaching for a bag to grab a hooter hider is difficult.  Lastly, when you get off the plane covered in who knows what, a shawl provides an excellent cover.

4. Scented Diaper Bags- Two words: recycled air.  Be a thoughtful traveler.

5. Ipod touch/Iphone/DVD player- For long flights, some sort of entertainment for your child is a must.  It’s hard to predict what in-flight entertainment will offer for your child, so better to be prepared.

6.  Patience-Travel is stressful for everyone.  Load up on deep breathing exercises or whatever works before you go.  I guarantee they will come in handy!

Happy travels!! Off for the weekend!