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He cooks, he kicks, he scores.

22 Jul

Confession: I “liked” David Beckham and joined the 12 million other “likers” out in cyber space.  It is a little embarrassing. I have been on a total Beckham kick lately–pun intended.  I can’t help it.  The beautiful Beckhams are popping up everywhere.   And quite honestly what is not to love?! He posts regularly on Facebook and each post turns me into a bigger fan. The most recent Phineas and Ferb sketch with David Beckham had my son and I fighting over my iphone.  Good thing I weigh 4x as much and can out wrestle him.  Kidding….kinda.  With that being said, take a look for yourself.

Victoria right before giving birth to Harper. Taken by David Beckham.

Father-son bonding in Malibu. Taken yesterday. Image credit: RAMEY PHOTO

David, Romeo, Cruz & Brooklyn Beckham. Image credit: CrowBroadImage.
D. Beckham whipping up a little risotto. Image credit: David Beckham

Dad and daughter Beckham.

Two of the biggest names in soccer.


A Quiet Sunday

18 Jul

I am the first to confess that I am a soccer mom through and through.  I love the sport, love the fans and well….love the excuse to sit out in the sunshine with my family and all the other soccer moms and cheer on my favorite local team.  However, this morning I awoke to the post-World Cup doldrums.  It took everything in me to muster the energy to put on my team’s colors and load my little kickers into the car (Yes car, this soccer mom is winning the “no swagger wagon” battle).

Going to a soccer match the week following the conclusion of an exciting World Cup is a little bit of an anticlimax in the sports world.  Regardless of my lack of enthusiasm this morning, I am a fan, and out the door I went!

After a month of watching obsessively on television as the World Cup played out in South Africa,  I forgot the feeling of a 67000 person stadium falling silent as fans wait for a shot on goal, or the excitement that erupts during a close game when a point is scored.  The sounds of the beer guys yelling and the fans chanting are all sounds I enjoy during the game and while I am sure going to miss the World Cup during the next four years, I enjoyed a great soccer game today, with moments of quiet.  Rest in peace Vuvuzela.  Bring on Brazil.

Of course I had to throw in a couple pics of my favorite celebrity soccer moms and the soccer baby daddy of the week.  Wow. Disturbing on so many levels.  I will leave it at that.