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Oh boy!

28 Dec

Santa wasn’t the only one making deliveries this Christmas! Check out which celebs received a little arm candy of their own this holiday!


Deck the Halls

21 Dec

Christmas Cubby Tree-Harry & David

Harry and David’s has always been a lifesaver for sending gifts across the miles.  Whether it’s a basket, a gift tower or a tree.  Yes, I said a tree.  This year, I needed a gift for a darling cousin who has been out-of-town for work.  He is coming home a couple of days before Christmas to an empty house.  What to send?! A tree and stocking of course. 

Create Your Own Stocking-Harry & David


*Gifts still available for overnight delivery by Christmas.


20 Dec

  If the first thing that comes to mind when the word “Eclipse” comes across the screen is Edward Cullen, I can relate.  Unfortunately, this evening’s Lunar Eclipse is not featuring the Cullen crew.  Disappointing I know. 

Regardless, tonight’s Lunar Eclipse is kinda a big deal and will give all the sleep deprived moms something to do around 11:41pm PST.  I will not be waking my arm candies up to check out the eclipse, but do hope they check it out in 2094 and maybe think of their mother watching the same thing 84 years earlier. 

 Happy Eclipsing.

Oh Tinsel Tree

19 Dec

I have always loathed tinsel.  To be quite honest, I have never really understood how the tinsel market has survived over the years.  I figured once my brother (who has to be the only tinsel lover on the planet) outgrew his love of tinsel, the tinsel market would surely crash. 

Fast forward 30 years and tinsel has somehow made its way out of my mother’s closet and onto the family Christmas tree.  Apparently, the tinsel market is still alive and kicking.  What could be better you ask?! Well, since you asked….I discovered the tinsel gene has been passed down to my son.  You can imagine my thrill. 

Tis the season for tinsel!

The Mommy Diet

15 Dec

I’m not big on diet books. However, I can’t help but to be intrigued by The Mommy Diet, written by Alison Sweeney.  (aka Sammie from Days of Our Lives)  The reason I am so intrigued is that I have watched Ms. Sweeney battle the bulge like the rest of us and she has definitely prevailed.  She looks incredible.  I happened to tune into the Biggest Loser Final last night and was blown away by her in the gorgeous dress featured below.  I am sure there is an unbelievable  amount of pressure that goes with hosting the number one weight loss show on television, but still, she looks ahhmazing.  She is working two jobs, writing a book in her spare time, raising two children AND looking fabulous.  Well done Ms. Brady…I mean Sweeney.

The Mommy Diet will be released this month and is available for preorder on

Image credit: Patton/NBC


Rock With Me

14 Dec

Bi-plane Rocker $69.99. Originally $120.

I stumbled across today’s ad for Zulily a week too late.  I just ordered an adorable rocking horse for my darling daughter last week, but after seeing the sale price and out of control cuteness of the Zulily rockers, I’m contemplating returning the original rocker.  If you are still searching for the perfect gift for a little love in your life, imagine the squeals these rockers will evoke on Christmas morning.

Baseball Rocker $69.99. Originally $120

Colt Pony Rocker $69.99. Originally $120.

For ordering information or to check out more adorable rockers click here.

Santa Tracker

9 Dec

Where in the world is Santa and what are he and his little sidekicks up to these days?  Busy making presents and readying the sleigh of course.    Actually, I can do better than that.   Thanks to my bestie filling me on a little Santa tracking secret.   If you and your arm candies are wanting a little better ETA (estimated time of arrival) on ol’ Saint Nick, check out the NORAD Santa Tracker and follow along on Google Earth as Santa makes his way around the world!  Be sure and stop by and check out the Kid’s Countdown for fun games and updates daily.  Happy Stalking, I mean tracking…

Wikki Wikki Wack

3 Dec

On a recent trip to Chicago, I made a new discovery.  Behold the Wikki Stixs:

These bright, inexpensive wonders provide HOURS of entertainment.  Who would have thought sticky sticks in a variety of colors could unleash such creativity! My son and I created an entire wax museum on a 3 hour flight.  My only wish would have been that I thought ahead to how much my nieces and nephew would enjoy these stixs too, because none of the stixs made it on the plane back home.  Now I know.  I’m sticking these things in stockings, purses, glove boxes, absolutely everywhere. My world is about to become Wikkified.